Cowichan Valley Synchronized Skating Teams

The Cowichan Valley Synchronized Skating Teams are from the Cowichan Valley, but also from other locations ranging from Youbou to Victoria.

This year we have four teams, in which are all festival:

Cowichan Valley Juvenile Cowichan Lake FSC

Cowichan Valley Novice Fuller Lake FSC

Cowichan Valley Slick Ice (open) Kerry Park FSC

Cowichan Valley Icemetrics (adult) Duncan FSC

All of our teams are coached by the wonderful Penny Baker. She coaches and choreographs all of our numbers. She also skates some as well.


Lynn Hetherington February 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Juan De Fuca Arena Hosted by: Juan De Fuca FSC

Juveniles 1st, Novice 3rd, Slick Ice 1, and Icemetrics 3rd.

BC/YT Open Synchro Championships February 9th-10th Langley Arena Hosted by: Langley FSC and Synchro Teams, Skate Canada and USFSA

Juveniles 1st, Novice 3rd, Slick Ice 3rd, and Icemetrics 3rd.

2002 Western Regional Festival of Synchronized Skating February 23rd to 24th Edmonton Skyreach Center, AB Hosted by: Northern Lites Synchro Teams and Skate Canada

Juveniles 6th place, Novice 6th place, Slick Ice 3rd place, and Icemetrics 4th place.

Information about the 2002 Western Regional Festival of Synchronized Skating, Click Here

2002 National Fesitval of Synchronized Skating March 22nd, 23rd, and 24th Colisee De Laval, Laval Quebec Hosted by: Laval FSC and Skate Canada - Quebec Section


For information on competitions for synchro throughout Canada, Click here

For information about competitions throughout the World, Click here

The Cowichan Valley Synchronized Skating teams are holding an open house at the Kerry Park Arena on Sunday, March 10. All Cow Valley teams will be skating, including the first performance by the Pre-Juvenile team skating to "I am Canadian". There will be goodies, prizes and a special skate by professional skater, Gary Beacom.

Come on out, and watch the Teams perform just for you!!!!

What is Synchronized Skating?

Synchronized Skating is an innovative and dynamic sport that brings new excitement and energy to the world

of Figure Skating. Synchronized Skating is a team effort within a group of 14-24 and ranging in age, height, skill and talent.

Synchro skating, formerly known as "Precision", is a skating sport where a group of skaters perform a number together, 

on time and in sync., hence the name synchro. Synchro skating is some what like Synchronized swimming. 

Both perform routines to music and in a group and they also have to be in sync. 

The difference are  that Synchro skating is on ice, involves a bigger team and has more difficult movement.


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